Monday, March 9, 2015

Thank You Universe

It is an Honor to paint the wall at Alive & Well every time!

An Enamel Painting from my last show - sold

An Enamel Painting from my last show - sold

Had a blast painting 19 umbrellas for 'Bud Light's House of Whatever' at this year's Super Bowl in Phoenix AZ.

You Guys will get em next year Seahawks!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Excitedly Busy

 This is a 4ft tall painting on the wall I did at Alive&Well
Congratulations on 2 awesome years so far!
 Super hyped my man Alex Johnson is progressing with his own label, check back soon for the live site!
 We are making consistent headway on a long term animation project for the kids, check out our YouTube channel, new videos every month!
 Instagram is a really fun way to share my drawings with some of those who enjoy them.
We are celebrating 4 years in the making and 3 years with some of the best wood and the 2 coolest partners out there, new site dropping soon!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Spring and Summer Fun

BVSP underwent a remodel in June, complete with Mural additions, it is one of the best versions so far, catch a rip!

I was stoked to design the new shop deck for SnoCon. 

Some fun character concepts for an upcoming animation project...

We at Sausage Skateboards are hyped to present our man Mikey Burton's pro model. Pick one up, pick up a few ;)...
Both sides of the A-board for the rippers at Fist Full of Metal tattoos. Get done

Definitely an honor to paint pieces on the sorting and folding tables at Luxe Riot,talented  screen printers and awesome people!
36x36 - Private Commission, I do love painting. 
I've always got paintings for sale too, hit me up if you'd like to take a look:

Friday, March 29, 2013

 1508 11th Ave,
Seattle, WA. 98122


 I love my job and this shop!
A commission from John at Chacon Performance Training up in Everett
stop by and get trained by one of the best!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

This Year Thus Far

SW skate shop, opening soon!

SW commissioned me to liven up their interior and provide them with a shop board and t shirt design.
Celebrating 10 years running in the Lit Fuse Tattoo bathroom, take a peek and visit the skin wizards!
Detail from a series of new works for a show at Vermillion next month, more info to follow...
A private commission from a local Horse enthusiast...

Painted this sign the second week of January in freezing temperatures.

DOT'S already has the best meat one can eat, put some cheese on it!

A pile in the works for next months show...