Monday, August 26, 2013

Spring and Summer Fun

BVSP underwent a remodel in June, complete with Mural additions, it is one of the best versions so far, catch a rip!

I was stoked to design the new shop deck for SnoCon. 

Some fun character concepts for an upcoming animation project...

We at Sausage Skateboards are hyped to present our man Mikey Burton's pro model. Pick one up, pick up a few ;)...
Both sides of the A-board for the rippers at Fist Full of Metal tattoos. Get done

Definitely an honor to paint pieces on the sorting and folding tables at Luxe Riot,talented  screen printers and awesome people!
36x36 - Private Commission, I do love painting. 
I've always got paintings for sale too, hit me up if you'd like to take a look: