Wednesday, September 19, 2012

It Has Been A Busy Summer!

Had a great time with the guys at 95 Slide doing their signs
They have great wings and 17 flat screens, Seattle's best spot to check out a game!
A face cut-away for a very fun company, chill on Lake Union in a Hot Tub Boat!
Always grateful for comissions and got to do pieces for DJ Jimmy Nagle,
and Shad Smallwood, thanks guys!
A big thanks to Candy Randy over at Sweet Mickey's for all the sign orders
Your spot in Ballard for Candy & Ice Cream!
3 panel exterior window mural also at Sweet Mickey's

The Best Caramels ever made! Get some at Seattle Sweets!
Always hyped to paint some logos for the dudes over at Alive & Well


  1. Hello Todd:

    I discovered your painted traffic control boxes in downtown Seattle when I dropped my friend off at the Federal Bldg. I photographed a few of them and added them to my blog:

    I started the blog about a month ago to highlight some of the interesting and unique things about Seattle and Washington. I kinda got involved in photographing all the painted boxes and because you are responsible for most of them, I thought you should know that I have them included on my blog.
    Any information you could give me about the boxes would be appreciated, particularly the title of the pieces, or details of the characters represented.
    Also, let me know if you would like to have edited or deleted any information that appears there.


  2. A letter was sent to me, in care of the Madison Courier, in response to the newspaper article... it's from Becky Skillman, the Lieutenant Governer of Indiana!

    lit mural